Who is Cliff Games?

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Cliff Games is a one man show, run by me – Ben D'Angelo from Toronto, Ontario. I started this game studio over a year ago for one reason – to make games that are different. I’ve taken a good look around the indie game landscape, of course there are plenty of great games but I wanted to play something in the way I imagined.

I have too many game ideas and feel like there isn’t enough time to do them. So better start now.

Debut Game

Early Riflestorm screenshot Early Screenshot of first level

Our debut game is Riflestorm a turn-based strategy game for PC, Mac and Linux. I can’t say when it’ll be released but the plan is to enter Steam Early Access. I want this to be the best it can be and a big part of that is gathering user feedback, hence Early Access.


Old screenshot of Throw the Project Old screenshot of Throw the Project

This isn’t my first venture, about 10 years ago I started a Flash game studio called Throw the Project. I made online Flash games for sites like Newgrounds, Kongregate, Addicting Games etc. It closed sometime ago because Flash is dead and I moved on. Considering the minimal budget, it was a great success in everyway. It built a strong audience, I made the games I wanted to make and it made money – everything you can ask for.

The most successful game was Modern Tactics 3, it got played over 15 million times and it averaged about 7,000-15,000 plays a day. I even met some people in person who’ve played it.

With everything I learned from previous games, Riflestorm will be the new and better Modern Tactics.


This is my first blog post and hope you enjoyed it. If there’s any topic you want me to expand on just shot me an email.

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