Why Turn-Based Strategy?

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One of my favorite games ever is Final Fantasy Tactics. It’s one of those games which throws down a challenge, gives you lots of fun abilities to use and you just have to figure out how to over come it.

FFT Classes So many classes to choose

Although once you figure out that the Black Mage is one of the best classes, the game becomes too easy. But still, the best part is the freedom you have, 16 classes, hundreds of abilities, all the different equipment, you play how you want to play.

FFT Gameplay Gameplay

I also enjoyed the feeling of being on an adventure and if you let one of your members die, they’re gone for good. And of course the gameplay, it’s very deep strategically, zodiac signs, water tiles, height differences, line of sight, character facing direction but on the surface all of that is hidden away with a simple UI, the perfect combo.

Play it if you haven’t already.

Creating Riflestorm

I wanted to create a turn-based strategy game like FFT and other great strategy games but in my own vision – like in a modern warfare setting, perma-death, random events, etc. But don’t get me wrong many other games have also influenced the game.

I have yet to see any grid based strategy game live up to FFT, although that’s not my goal. I just want a new game similar to it.

Years ago I created the Modern Tactics series, inspired by games like it but even back then I felt it lacked in so many areas. So now, I want to make one more turn-based strategy game for Steam, for myself to enjoy and hopefully others as well.

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