Rifle Storm on Itch.io

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The Rifle Storm Pre-alpha is now free to play at Itch.io.

The plan is for Rifle Storm to be in Steam Early Access next year. Along the way updates will be pushed to the free pre-alpha version. As feedback is gathered, eventually Rifle Storm will become a paid product. So try it out now.


Our plan for the next few months include:

  • Leaderboards to track highscores
  • Polish artwork
  • Improve gameplay balance
  • Add missing sound effects
  • More content: levels, events, items, classes, etc..
  • Hire a composer to create an original soundtrack
  • Implement proper climatic ending
  • Add difficulty settings

Of course our primary source of feedback is you! And priorities will always change. Please submit feedback in game or on our Discord server using Rifle Bot.

We try to push out weekly updates, so keep an eye on this blog or subscribe to the newsletter.

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