Rifle Storm Version 0.3 Update

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A new version of Rifle Storm is out on Itch.io.


  • Renamed resist snipe stat to bulletproof
  • Added ghillie suit to Recon class
  • Guard adds evasion
  • Changed weapon height maxes
  • Balanced c4
  • Tweaked ai priorities
  • Added more aggressive bot type
  • Stores can sell duplicate items
  • Enemy leader of squads will always surrender
  • Launchers / grenades no longer give xp if not successful
  • Added new events
  • Refactored events to display supply icon

Supplies now shown in game

  • Added supply bar to level ui
  • Massive FPS speed improvements
  • Added leader status to enemies, squads will surrender if leader down first
  • Player squad can be asked to surrender
  • Enemy squad can offer a surrender

Tooltips display icons and warning messages

  • Display cannot equip in tool tips
  • Ammo pack restores gun ammo
  • Added medical carrier item
  • Update UI sprite icons
  • Tweaked store supply prices
  • Promotions cheaper, medivacs, uav cheaper

Next version update

  • More squads to choose from
  • Inventory system UI overhual
  • Items can be sold in stores
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