Rifle Storm Version 0.3.1 Patch

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A new version of Rifle Storm is out on Itch.io. This focuses on fixing many existing bugs and some polish.


  • Fixes double lose screen bug
  • renamed exp gained to skullful
  • Fixes loading / saving file bugs
  • Refactored enemy surrender code, adds asserts to check region stack sizes
  • Fixes regions having too little locations, fixes errors caused by user input
  • Fixes bugs related to quitting game at wrong times, fixes other issues
  • Squad soldier names are randomized
  • Can customize soldier names
  • Fixes errors caused by quitting game
  • Made event dialogue disabled options more visible
  • Upgraded to fmod 2.0
  • Added fmod logo / credits to game
  • Fixes concrete block height
  • Pickup command displays accuracy and weapon icon
  • Fixes bug where no reward breaks game
  • Stores / weapon rewards have a high chance to sell equippable weapons
  • Fixes black screen caused when squad surrenders
  • Lowered explosive damage
  • Increased cost of grenade launcher
  • Store prices color red if it cannot be bought
  • Leader icon always shown on soldier
  • Slightly reduced healing power of first aid, medkit and auto-aid
  • Enemies can only equip abilities with high enough rank
  • Fixes supply anim sometimes getting stuck

Next version update

  • More squads to choose from
  • Inventory system UI overhual
  • Items can be sold in stores
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