Rifle Storm December Update

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Since releasing the pre-alpha on itchio. (Which you can play here) We have received a lot of valuable feedback.

The plan stays the same, next year Rifle Storm will release into Steam Early Access. By that time all the game-breaking changes should be done. With that being said here are the major changes being made:

  • Promotions removed. It had no use.
  • Added multiple squads to play.
  • Each class given unique stats.
  • Replaced 6 item slots with 4 flexible gear slots, which anything can be equipped on.
  • Reduced gun range.
  • Deep impact not given on every assault rifle.
  • Rank ups will give a random stat boost.
  • Smaller maps.
  • Added environmental effects.
  • Added difficulty levels, more on this later.
  • Stores sell more useful items.
  • Lots of other changes.

Due to December being a busy month for us. This version update will have to release in January.

As always, join our discord to discuss Rifle Storm.

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