Rifle Storm January Update

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It’s been a busy month due to the holidays. Most of the time has been spent redesigning the game to be more fun.

Some changes include

  • All weapons have a unique skill
  • Added lots of new status effects
  • Gadgets can be found, they add an always active effect. This really makes the gameplay more exciting
  • All high activity locations are battles and drop a gadget
  • Every few worlds will feature an elite squad battle which will drop a powerful gadget
  • Removed all useless items (ammo pack, smoke), and some classes (medic)
  • Enemies feature more of a gameplay challenge
  • Added plenty of new reactions, like suppress fire (shoot before being shot at)
  • New gear added and useless ones removed
  • All items can be upgraded to boost it’s power or add additional effects

All this is still in heavy development. As soon as a good playable version is out you’ll be notified.

Happy new year

Our goal last year was for Rifle Storm to be out by this January. Of course that won’t happen. After working on this game for two and a half years, we have learned what it takes to make a good game. And that is amazing gameplay.

We need more time to redesign the game for it to be the best it can be. We hope you continue following Rifle Storm in the new year and you won’t be disappointed.

As always, join our discord to discuss Rifle Storm.

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