April Update - Three Goals

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Since the last update three goals were set for the redesign. The game needs to be quick, challenging, and exciting. Let’s expand on that.

Goal One: Quick

One run must take at most 2 hours, maybe 2 and a half. Reason being, the game should be accessible to everyone. Not every person has enough time or willingness to grind for hours to complete a run. The game is also being designed to make it possible to skip unvisited locations and go straight to the final battle.

We also feel it’s best not to waste players time with long cutscenes, grinding, unnecessarily long battles, etc. Every time waster has been cut. One simple example is all maps have been reduced in size, making it battles quicker.

Soldier Profile Two gear slots, with ability to upgrade

An other example is the decision to have only two gear slots. Five soldiers with two gear slots each is the limit. Anything more is too much mental overhead and requires too many items to buy.

Also to make it easier for the player to create a strong squad, each item has upgrades built in. Before upgrades would have to be found, which is difficult and if they were not found the run was over.

Goal Two: Challenging

A strategy game like this needs challenging enemies which will force the player to optimize there actions. New boss style enemies with special abilities will help achieve this. More next time on this.

Goal Three: Exciting

Lastly, the game needs to be fun. Every new run needs to lead the player in a new path, with new decisions and challenges. The best way to achieve this is through gadgets.

New Gadgets Every squad starts with a gadget

Gadgets are collected from defeating high threat enemies found in the world. They are optional battles. High threat battles will always drop a unique gadget. Every gadget collected will have a special ability and in order to build a powerful squad you’ll need to get enough gadgets and put them to good use. But the challenge is high threat battles are difficult, fighting too many high threat battles you won’t have enough supplies to continue and too little you won’t be strong enough for the final battle.

Stores also sell gadgets and some events offer them as well.

From a game design perspective gadgets are a great way of spicing up gameplay without complicating the UI. Players will learn gadgets as they appear and each one is simple enough to leverage. Gadgets are also being designed to synergize which each other, meaning the power of each can be used to create new strategies.

Next Steps

The game is still in heavy development and a playable build is not available yet. Next month we will expand on the types of worlds and random events.

As always, join our Discord to discuss Rifle Storm. I’m always available to answer any questions.

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