May Update - The Roadmap

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A lot has happened since last month. One thing we worked on was redesigning the random events. The Rifle Storm world has three types of regions, each with different types of events.

Types of Regions

  • Friendly regions: Features positive events that give you things or able to trade items.
  • Hostile regions: Events with high risk options, can lose items or be forced to fight.
  • Neutral regions: A mix of friendly and negative events, but will have much better rewards.

One thing is consistent in all the events, each one needs create a new unique experience for the player. Either by giving new items, or forcing a tough decision to be made. For example see below:

Can view item tool tips in events

The player is forced to give up one item out of three. This seems unfair but items can be bought again. What this does is changes the players wanted play style. After play testing many times I realized one thing that caused the game to go stale was the player tends to only add items until all the soldiers’ slots are full. Events that remove players items for rewards is a great way to spice up the game.

An other good example is one event allows you to trade three random items for an other three random items. This event is only seen early on so chances are the player will take it. This will completely change the players run from the start and hopefully will lead to a unique run.

Road Map

Some time was spend focusing on the high level scope of the project. We have spend so much time play testing and coding. We needed to take a step back and focus on the end goal.

First Goal: Relaunch the Pre-Alpha on Itchio

We already launched on itchio last year but we feel this was too early. We are currently working on a relaunch with many great changes.


  • Game beatable from phase 1 to phase 5.
  • Add new abilities.
  • Add new reactions.
  • Consumable feature with 8 consumables items.
  • Redo all weapon types.
  • 15 gadgets.
  • New random overmap system with more paths.
  • Proper high threat enemy battles.
  • Implement first pass of basic events.
  • Create 18 maps in total.

Second Goal: Steam Early Access Release

This has always been the goal but it’s a long way to get there. After successfully polishing Rifle Storm on Itch. The next step is to get the game ready for a larger audience.


  • Basic affliction system.
  • Final battle which requires 3 gadgets.
  • Region specific events.
  • More maps.
  • 10 more gadgets.
  • Add interesting random battles.
  • Plus more.

Final Goal: Full Release On Steam

We don’t know how long it will take to get here, but eventually the game will fully launch and everyone will be happy. Note: This is subject to change! This is just the high level plan.


  • Event specific rewards; items, gadgets, etc..
  • Operation level system.
  • Add remaining classes.
  • Add remaining squads.
  • Add remaining items.
  • Add remaining events.

Wrapping up

That’s all for now. Please email or message me on Discord if you want more information.

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