June Update - Next Pre-Alpha Version

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Better random map generation

Since the last update we have been hard at working getting the game ready for the next pre-alpha release. Work has been done in the following areas:

  • Better random map generation.
  • New abilities, gadgets, weapons and reactions. Too many to list.
  • New type of weapon ability added.
  • Items can be upgraded at supply points or from events in the world.
  • Upgraded items are permanent.
  • New more challenging enemies.
  • Reload removed from game. It served no good purpose.
  • Soldiers can only equip one weapon. Holding two weapons was too powerful and complicated other mechanics.
  • Soldiers can now equip one weapon, one reaction and up to four abilities.
  • New region select screen.
  • Regions made to be more random.
  • Useless abilities removed like: All launchers, smoke abilities.
  • New type of skill abilities added which can buff soldiers.
  • Supplies (ammo, explosives etc) removed from game.
  • Supplies replaced with consumable items. One time use abilities that supply buffs.
  • Stores sell a standard amount of items. This makes runs easier to create stronger squads.
  • Knives now a weapon instead of an ability.
  • Improved item descriptions.
  • Plus many more changes.

New Region Select Screen New region select screen

Next Pre-Alpha

All this work is in prep for the next pre-alpha release. The month of June is focused on polishing. Looking back at the initial release in November, the game has been completely redesigned. The gameplay is easier to understand due to the removal of unneeded systems like reloading, swapping weapons, picking up weapons or thrown grenades on the ground. Abilities like launchers and smoke that didn’t fit into the challenge also got removed.

The new version is more focused on building a squad that has abilities to support itself and eventually overpower the enemy. After all, the game is about feeling powerful. Things like the new yell ability which gives the target soldier an instant turn, can be used to double turn an enemy.

Weapons are designed to be more strategic, more on this later. New weapon skill abilities got added, which use the weapons range to execute. For example the aim ability is charged attack that deals double damage to a target. But if you use a weapon that can hit multiple units, then the attack will also hit all those units.

Overall, complex mechanics got removed and the gameplay got simplified. We are much happier with the new direction and hope you are too.

As soon as a new version is ready you’ll receive a new email and it will be available on our Itch io page. Thanks.

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