July Update - Next Version Update

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The next version is now feature complete and has reached the polish phase. We are happy with the current state of the games fun value, replay and challenge. But the game needs a lot more polish. The existing UI is outdated, sounds effects for new abilities are missing and there are not enough fun maps.

All this is taking more time than we expected. So the month of July will be dedicated to polishing the game for release. It’s important the game isn’t confusing for new players and looks good enough.

Next Update Details

If everything goes well by early next month the new version will be available on Itchio.

The new version features:

  • Four available squads to play, each has a unique play style.
  • Triple the amount of abilities.
  • New weapons.
  • Game changing gadgets can be obtained throughout the world.
  • Supply points around maps can be used to upgrade your weapons and abilities.
  • The bot AI has been greatly improved.
  • Stores sell a balanced amount of weapons and items.
  • Consumables can be found in the world, they are a one time use ability.
  • Each class has a unique tactical ability.
  • Lots more, just wait.

See you next month.

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