August Update - New Version is Here

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It’s been months since a new Rifle Storm pre-alpha version has been released. Thank you everyone for your continued support. There are just too many changes to list here but we will give you a high level list of changes.


All Boring Parts Removed

Reloading, crouching, large maps, too many equip slots. These have all been removed and / or replaced. Maps are smaller for quicker gameplay. Battles end quicker and items are dropped more frequently so you get new items to use.


The AI is more challenging with more interesting reactions and abilities. Plenty of new status effects, abilities and weapons have been added. Classes have been reworked to be more fun.


Gadgets and consumables can be found to strengthen your squad. It’s important to match up your strategies with your available gadgets to win the fight. Weapons and abilities can be synergized to create new strategies and overcome enemies.

Play Now

Play the game at Itch now.

Next Steps

We will be collecting feedback and continuing to release new updates. There is still plenty of polishing and gameplay elements to be done. The ultimate goal is to release into Steam Early Access some time this year or early next year. This depends on how the pre-alpha is received.

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