September Update - Updated Alpha and Roadmap

tags rifle-storm

This months update contains UI improvements to the store and soldier profile.

Updated soldier profile Updated soldier profile

Updated store Updated store

Items are now shown with more useful information like the charge item, max uses and the rarity. And of course plenty of bug fixes.

Play the changes at Itch.

Roadmap Update

The plan is to release into Early Access early next year. The launch trailer has been planned and a composer will be hired. In order to hit this deadline, updates to the pre-alpha will slow down. It has served its purpose in gaining valuable feedback. And I need to push hard to get this game out. After all I been working on this game for 3 years now.

So the roadmap is as follows:

  • Add enough content for the first Steam release
  • Hire a composer
  • Polish everything
  • Cut a new launch trailer
  • Release

The game is in a good place, it just needs enough content and polish for it to be successful. See you next month.

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