October Update - Full Steam Ahead

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A lot has happened since the last update. We finalized all the content for the Steam Early Access release and are moving ahead with a big release early next year.

It took many iteration cycles and probably more once released but we are getting there.

Some new details:

  • All region specific events. Event specific rewards; items, gadgets, etc.
  • All gadgets, items, classes
  • All achievements (setup with Steam)
  • Steam Cloud saves
  • Polished title screen
  • Polished predeploy screen (with cool deploy cutscene)
  • 40 Random maps
  • 4 Terrain types, desert, oasis, urban, bunker
  • All enemy classes and bosses: Rebel, etc.
  • 3 alternate final bosses
  • 8 playable unlockable squads
  • Add powerful boss battle abilities
  • Enhanced leaderboards (more status, filter by squad)
  • Final bunker mission
  • Final battle cutscene

Next Steps

  • Finish adding rest of content
  • Hire a composer and start polishing
  • Release a new trailer
  • Do an other run of beta testing
  • Steam early access release next year

Note: This means the next Rifle Storm update will be in December or later.

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