November Update - Entering Test Phase

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Last month has been spent getting the majority of content and features in. This is in preparation for the next pre-alpha release some time in December.

I’m definitely excited about the next release, the game will be feature complete and will give a more accurate representation of the final product. With that being said

Gameplay Changes

Boss fights are battles the player will face throughout their journey, more on this later. Before players would fight stronger versions of the game soldier, this was boring.

Bots are now weaker and are more predictable, snipers will sniper, breachers will only use shotguns, etc. Testers felt it was unfair when bots had random and powerful abilities.

Supply points – places where you can upgrade items for free – got removed and are instead paid upgrades that can be accessed from the soldier profile. This allows the player to still spend money even when no store is present, and also allows them to spend all their money on upgrades if they wish.

Consumables got completely removed, no reason to complicate the game with more items.

Stores now sell randomized items categories, either weapons, abilities, reactions, promotions or gadgets. The game is an adventure, so entering a store should always be a surprise as to what is inside.

Promotions can be switched between soldiers and can be found and bought in stores. This allows players to experiment and sell unwanted promotions later in the game.

High threat map marks have been removed, so players will no longer know if the next location has a powerful battle. This helps the game feel like an adventure.

High activity map marks are now displayed, this identifies locations with interesting random events. Helps the player find cool opportunities.

Phase 6?, the game currently only has 5 phases, and depending on how play testing goes this month an other phase may be added.

New classes have been implemented, Field Support, Assaulter and Commando. More on this later.

Achievements have all been implemented, except for a few.

Next Steps

The goal is to have a fully-playable version of the game released next month. So far I’m on track.

See you next month.

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