December Update - Getting Closer

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As next year is looming, Rifle Storm is inching closer to a release. Last month was spent simplifying the gameplay and creating more of an adventure feeling.

  • Different enemy groups have been added with their own play style. They will be encountered as you move towards your goal.
  • Random events were overhauled, you’ll now see a better variety of events.
  • Items can be upgraded multiple times, whenever you like.
  • All weapon types can be equipped no matter the soldiers class for a small fee. This opens up opportunities to use new weapons.
  • Weapons have been overhauled to focus only on offense.
  • All weapon skill abilities have been merged into new weapons.

New Writer

I’ve hired a writer to work on the game’s story line and random events. His name will appear in the credits.

Next Steps

This month will be focused on polishing the main gameplay loop. The game is playable from beginning to end, minus the final boss fight. But it is rough around the edges and doesn’t look pretty. At the current pace, an early access release next year is a possibility.

More next month.

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