February Update - Beta Update

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Rifle Storm is showing great progress for the early access release some time this year. With my current velocity I estimate Steam beta testing can start in April. This will give enough time to polish the entire game and finish the remaining features. I want the game to look and feel as much like the finished product as possible.

Current Roadmap

  • February - Polish.
  • March - More polish.
  • April - Steam beta testing
  • ?? - Launch?

Beta testing will be private, meaning you need to be given a key. If you would like to join the Steam beta, please join the Discord.

If all goes well the game will launch shortly after.

Final Region Got Cut

Unfortunately to make this deadline some things had to be cut for the release. Most notably the final bunker region – the area where you complete your mission – had to be delayed. This final region puts your squad through many different challenges and has some complicated cutscenes, so I felt rather than rushing it, it is best to work on it after launch.

Music Update

I’m working with a talented composer and he’s making good progress. Can’t show any songs now but they should be completed in time for the beta.

What’s Next

That’s all for now. The game has made huge progress in art style and gameplay but you’ll have to wait until next months update for screenshots.

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