March Update - Getting Closer to Beta

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After a whole lot of work, Rifle Storm is about half way there to the beta. But that doesn’t mean the game is behind, it’s still fully playable, with all the feature in, but it needs an other good month of polish.

Steam Beta

In terms of the plan, nothing has changed. I’m still aiming for a Steam private beta in April, maybe end of April.

What will be in the beta:

  • 6 unique playable squads, each with a unique play style.
  • Around 30 achievements.
  • Lots of weapons, abilities and items to choose from.
  • A randomly generated world with random events.

Due to time, the only thing cut from the beta and launch is the final bunker region. Adding this region with the random maps, enemies and final boss fight, is quite a lot of work. This will be coming after launch some time this year.


This is coming a long great. The game will launch with about 26 minutes of original music, but nothing to show just yet.

Next Time

If all goes well, everyone in the Discord channel will have the opportunity to try the beta and give feedback. Whoever gives good consistent feedback will get their names added to the credits.

If you would like to join the Steam beta, please join the Discord.

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