Rifle Storm April Update - More Polish

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Sorry for the delay. Just about all features for the Rifle Storm beta are completed. I’m now deep in the polish phase, I want the game to give a good first impression. So all the effects, animations, maps, and such need to do justice.

Soundtrack completed

The first half of the sound track is mastered and ready. In total about 26 minutes of original music, it sounds great but can’t show anything just yet.

Steam beta

By the end of April, maybe around May, the game should be in a good enough spot to start private testing. The game will feature everything except the final bunker region and some items.

If you would like to join the Steam beta, please join the Discord.

Steam page revamp and trailer

As the game is being polished, the Steam store page will be totally revamp with new screenshots and a new awesome trailer. Something to do justice to the game, so watch for that.

Next month

Testing will begin with a select few people, and if everything goes well, everyone in the discord too. See you next month.

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