Rifle Storm May Update - Artwork and Beta Updates

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Since the last update, I been busy working on two main areas:

  • Re-imagining the art style of Rifle Storm.
  • Getting into the Steam beta quicker.

Re-imaging the art style

I knew since I launched the original Steam page, the trailer and artwork were not top notch. So I spent most of last month, coming up with a stronger art style that will spark greater interest in this project. The logo, title screen and other art pieces have been redrawn and it’s looking fantastic. But can’t show you yet, not until the other screens are done.

The reason being, I’ve learned from my mistakes in the past and it’s never a good thought to push out big updates half baked. So I’ll be spending the month of May locking down the rest of the artwork and pushing out a large update soon after. This bring me to my next point.

Getting into the Steam beta

The short term goal is to of course push Rifle Storm into private beta, so I can collect useful feedback and move on step closer to the Early Access launch. There are a few things that need to be done first:

Missing key artwork

The artwork for example on the pre-deploy screen is incomplete. I want you to see the waiting soldiers in a hanger and deploy when you start the run. In other areas the artwork is lack luster, no point putting out sub par work.

For example all the item icons are missing artwork.

Various small issues

Tooltips get cutoff on the edge of the screen, some animations are bad. Still working on these. Plenty of sound effects are missing or need to be improved.

Next steps

All in all, the game is functional and fun but is missing key artwork. The month of May will be used to get the game to beta.

If you would like to join the Steam beta, please join the Discord.

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