Rifle Storm June Update - Incoming Beta and New Screenshots

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For the past few months, I been working hard to get Rifle Storm to a beta ready state. Now I can say, it’s very close but it will need at least one more month. I don’t like announcing anything too early, but the game is just nearly there.

The Pre-deploy Screen The Pre-deploy Screen

Steam Beta in July

The Steam beta will start some time in July, be sure to check the Discord server on July 1st for updates.


  • The beta will run up until the launch of the game.
  • A test key will be available to everyone on Discord.
  • Those who give consistent feedback will have their name of choice added to the credits (as a tester) and will be added as a random name for soldiers on the pre-deploy screen.

Early Access Launch Date?

This depends on the feedback from the beta, but the earliest Early Access launch date would be August. I do also need to spend a lot time creating a new trailer and marketing materials.


After about 4 years of development on this game and keeping what happens behind the scenes mostly a secret. I think people would be interested to see how the game was developed and what big blunders I made, so once the game goes into beta next month I will be recording a retrospective video for Youtube. This also has the consequence of giving the games launch more exposure.

Short Podcast Appearance

Last month I was on the SW Show, discussing Rifle Storm and other things. I’ll be posting the show on Discord as soon as it’s up.

A Word To Those Who Played Modern Tactics

Many years ago, I developed a popular war strategy game similar to this called Modern Tactics. And recently a lot of newcomers are here cause of that game. I don’t want those people to have the wrong expectations, Rifle Storm is a war strategy game but it’s fairly different from Modern Tactics. Rifle Storm is about going on an adventure, creating a crazy powerful squad, and then beating the final boss. There is no crouching, or reloading or one shot encounters like Modern Tactics.

I know people still enjoy Modern Tactics – especially MT3 – which is why after this game, I have plans on creating a new Modern Tactics game for Steam. But for now Rifle Storm is the focus.


Changing Camo Can change soldier camo

That’s all for now. I hope everyone enjoys the beta and I’ll have more content to share soon.

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