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This is an early update for July because it’s huge news. Rifle Storm will be available for playtesting on July 1st. But you can sign up now and get instant access on the day of. Click the link here.

Join the playtest Button looks like this

What’s in the game?

  • All 6 squads.
  • Can create your own custom squad.
  • Many regions to explore.
  • 32+ random events.
  • 50+ weapons, abilities, etc combined.
  • 5 difficulty levels.
  • All sound effects / music, (more music can be added later).
  • 32 random map templates.
  • 3 unique terrains.
  • 6 enemy factions.
  • 6 unique camos to choose from.

What’s not in this release?

  • The final bunker region (right now you’ll just win the run).
  • Final boss fight.
  • Some items.
  • Region specific events (with quests).
  • More random events and random maps.
  • All achievements.
  • Statistics / local leaderboard window (view number of wins, run info, etc).

Thank you

Thanks to everyone for your support. I hope everyone enjoy the beta and please send feedback on Discord or use the in-game feedback form. Remember those who give feedback will get named in the credits.

Next steps

Once the beta is out, I’ll be taking time to create a new trailer and screenshots for the Steam page relaunch. And ultimately preparing for an Early Access Steam launch in one or two months. This depends on the feedback from the beta.

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