Rifle Storm - Beta Still Running

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Since last July, Rifle Storm went into full open beta testing. At the moment we have around 150 testers, which is a fair amount. From that I’ve gather plenty of valuable feedback and fixed more bugs than I imagined.

Nevertheless, the game is slowly moving to a full release. And here are some announcements.

Skipping Early Access

After discussing with my mentors in the industry, it’s become clear Steam Early Access is not what it once was. Gamers are more sensitive to early access games and don’t dive in unless it’s been validated by a Youtuber, etc.

This is a big problem cause it’ll hamper the launch, plus the game is nearly feature complete. So on that note:

  • The full game will launch some time this year.
  • No early access.
  • Beta will stay open until release.

What’s left?

Here is a breakdown of the features still need to be completed:

  • High threat boss battles (every region will randomly have 2 boss battles).
  • Achievements.
  • Missing items and maps.
  • Final bunker region, plus boss battle.
  • Lots of polish.

Monthly Newsletter Stopping

The monthly newsletter was a way for people to stay informed on the games progress. After some consideration, I felt Discord is a better place for that, plus there is an announcement section to stay current. I will still post updates, just it will only be on Discord. Of course if you have any questions about the games progress, I can always be messaged there.

There will still be a newsletter, but it will only be used for big announcements like game launches or discounts. So this will be the final monthly newsletter.

Join the beta

The beta is still open and I’m accepting every person. So feel free to try the game out. Just go to the steam page and click request access.


For update next month please join the Discord.

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