Rifle Storm - December Update

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The next major update to Rifle Storm is now out. Plenty of work and polish went into this update. Here is the gist of the changes:

  • All 55 gadgets added.
  • All items added.
  • New high threat battles added (on win you’ll receive a free gadget).
  • All new events.
  • Final bunker region added, with final boss battle.
  • Soldiers can gain blights from events, these can be removed from stores.
  • Battles are more streamlined, they’ll usually surrender if you over take them.
  • Secret battles / events, some events will initiate a rare battle.
  • All achievements added.
  • Some new maps added.
  • Plenty of other small changes.


  • The bunker region artwork, including the final enemies are not complete.
  • Some sound effects are still missing.

What’s next?

Testing will continue for an other month. The final artwork will be added in the next update.

So far, I’m aiming for a release in early 2022. This depends on the feedback from the play testers.

Thanks and have fun.

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