Rifle Storm January Update - Game is Nearing Launch!

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Happy new years everyone. The last major update has been pushed to Rifle Storm. It includes these changes:

  • The final bunker region has been polished.
  • Honey jar effect weakened, tweaked high threat battles, some battles will display an intro message.
  • Polished bunker, polished some sound effects, counter / charged weapons will be use charge, added thermite rifle / yell sfx, many small fixes.
  • Rare items no longer available for custom squads, fixes bug in generating random squad.
  • Added Steam achievements, fixes severe weakness icon.
  • Finished bunker tileset redesign.
  • Added boss outfits to bunker.
  • Removed unused code, added gain cash sfx. Balanced other sound effect levels, finished final battle cutscene.
  • Fixes bug where no gadget found. Added third battle to bunker region.
  • Increased rare weapon damage, added particle effects to some events, added new sound effects, confused doesn’t increase evasion anymore, added new bunker battles.
  • Antidote no longer heals, added remaining sfxs.
  • Knockback damage increased, added heavy aid, tweaked enemy health, diff 5 more difficult, fixes bugs on statistics window, tweaked weapon damage, added two new gears, added beta tester names, fixes new high score always shown.
  • Fixes blights not appearing on bunker battle, boosted late game enemies difficulty, some high threat battles are more difficult, blights last longer, medivac more expensive.

Nearing Launch

I can also announce Rifle Storm will be launching some time this month or the next. I’m at the moment working on the new trailer and should be done some time this month.

What Happens to the Play Test?

At the moment anyone can apply and play Rifle Storm as a play tester. This will conclude on Jan 9th, 2022. So please get all your play testing in and feedback submitting soon.

I’ll also like to thank all the play testers. If you would like your name added to the credits, please message me on Discord. I’ll gladly add you.


It’s been a multi-year project to get this game where it is now. I"ll like to thank everyone who’s supported the project. That’s all for now.

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